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    Faster communication then netGroup.post()?

    Anders Gunnarsson



      I want to make a shared whiteboard with multiple mouse pointers.

      I'm using netGroup.post(message); to send the positions.


      But works, but laggs almost 1 sec and looses a lot of packages.

      This is between two browsers on the same computer!

      I get about the same result between two computers on the same LAN.


      I'm behind a firewall so I don't know if the packages travel outside the firewall first.


      Is there a faster way then netGroup.post(message)?

      Or is there any settings to


      I've tried using the NetStream.send("callBack", message) directly between two connected browsers (via their peerIDs)

      which is super fast, but this doesn't work between two computers for some reason.

      Maybe someone can explain that to me too?




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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          posting doesn't send messages instantaneously through a group.  a delay of 1 second seems a little high; it should be a fraction of a second, like a quarter-second or so for a group with two peers.  in addition, postings may arrive in a different order than they were sent.  postings are "best effort", and the effort is quite good but not foolproof.  each posting has a relatively high per-message overhead; NetGroup.post() is not intended for a continuous stream of data from a single sender.  for that, multicast (publish/play in a group NetStream) is a better fit.  messages will be received in the order they are sent and the multicast system is optimized for one-sender-everyone-receives. however, multicast isn't instantaneous either and may have an undesirable inter-arrival jitter of up to the NetStream.multicastWindowDuration.


          combinations of NATs and firewalls (both network device firewalls and computer firewalls) may prevent some P2P connections from working.  connections between two computers on the same LAN *should* work in nearly all cases, unless one or the other of them has a UDP-blocking firewall enabled.