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    Implementing LCDS Security with MDD

    David Buhler

      I am trying to understand security with MDD.


      In my scenario, a user submits a document. I want to ensure that when the document is updated, the person who updated the document is the one who is updating the document.


      My concern: If the submittedByUserID is returned to the client, a malicious authenticated user can falsify the headers to change the submittedByUserID.


      My initial thoughts: I need to have a userServiceImpl that has a loginUser() method. The loginUser() method sets the user's ID in the session and I need to populate the submittedByUserID with this session information using the update-security-constraint.


      1. Am I correct in the approach above? Is there a better way? Am I totally off-base?
      2. If I am correct, how would I go about implementing this approach?


      Data Structure:



          <entity name="User" persistent="true">

              <id name="userID" type="integer" generated="true"/>

              <property name="username" type="string"/>

              <property name="password" type="string"/>

              <property name="documents" type="Document[]"/>



          <entity name="Document" persistent="true">

               <id name="documentID" type="integer" generated="true"/>

              <property name="body" type="blob"/>

               <property name="submittedByUserID" type="integer"/>