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    Game creation - HELP ME!


      Finding a decent, free flash 8 tutorial on the internet for game creation, is no easy task. I have been through this frustration time and time again, and I am getting nowhere. My actionscript is very basic and I desperately need something to go on.

      I have a game project, in which I have an enemy. One enemy. I would like to duplicate this enemy until there are five on the screen at once, and when I hit my enemies, more will appear as a constant wave of enemies until the character dies.

      How can I do this?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your best bet if you want something free is to learn the skills you need to be able to do what you want--time to advance beyond your basic level.


          For starters look into learning about the attachMovie() method.  This provides a way for adding things dynamically.

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            skyesofrock94 Level 1

            Good point...  Do you know any decent sites that do good, FREE flash 8 tutorials?

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              Harry Kunz Level 4

              I learned flash through the help files of flash, i didn't go through any tutorials. Help files are really useful as they provide examples too. Alot of tutorials though online, just google them, you can't miss them. If you want to create a flash game i strongly recommend you employ use of OOP (object oriented programming) as your games will go in complexity and difficult to maintain if you don't. Really powerful too.

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                Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                As mentioned, the help documents and Google are some of the best resources for all levels of users.  You can find FREE information/tutorials on just about every aspect of Flash.  Another good approach is to pick a project, get to work on it, and use these tools as needed to solve the design puzzles you are confronted with.  That's pretty much how I've always done things.


                I've already pointed you in the direction for what you need to look into for dynamically adding new instances of things, so your first stop should be in the help documents to see what that method involves.  And if there isn't enough information there for you to comfortably start trying things, then search Google.

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                  skyesofrock94 Level 1

                  Alright then, thanks a lot for the info guys. I would have never thought to go through the help files as usually help files in some programs aren't very helpful at all...

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                    Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    For AS2 the help documents can be something you need to patiently learn how to use.  If you ever decide to move on to AS3 they did a better job in terms of making information findable.