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    Hover effect of a button with components on top


      Hello fellow flexers!


      I've got a problem with skinning that I couldn't resolve on my own after hours and hours of research.


      I have button, skinned with PNG images, and it works great. Then I've put an image on top of that button (in fact 2 images), they are smaller than the button, so you can still see the button. Now, if I roll over my button, I see  the skin change to "hover" as expected, but when my cursor is over one of those little images, the button rollover skin doesn't get activated. So my question is: how do I make flex to ignore those images and display my rollover effect for the button?


      I've run into this problem a few times trying to build my app (another instance was with a button and several labels on top, rolling over the labels doesn't activate the button rollover effect)


      Any help would  be much appreciated