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    Problem associating jpg with fireworks.

    southdaytona Level 1

      I've got an odd problem where I can't associate jpg files to open with firworks.  I right click browse open with and browse to adobe fireworks folder and double click fireworks.exe, but it acts like i never did anything. keeps the current setting.  very annoying.  I did upgrade from macromedia mx to cs3. windows xp machine.


      thanks, mike

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Fireworks doesn't override existing file associations because, a few years back, Macromedia got a lot of complaints about Fireworks
          "hijacking" file types. You are damned if you do, and damned if you don't. :-) In Win XP,


          -Go to the Start Menu and select Run
          -Type C: (the letter of your hard drive)
          -From the Menu choose Tools > Folder Options
          -Now click the 3rd tab named File Types


          -Wait until the Flashlight animating Icon has finished. You should now see a whole list of icons. These are file types


          -Go to the file type you wish to change. You could scroll until you reached the right file type but this takes too long. So instead just
          type the three letters of your file type - the extension in order (do it quickly or you will just select a starting letter instead of a follow up
          letter. For example choose PNG;


          -In the subcategory it says Details for '***' extension' where '***' is the file type you chose. There are two buttons there. Click the
          Advanced button


          -A new dialog window opens named "Edit File Type". Select the "New" button


          -Another new dialog window opens named New Action. In the Action field type a name for the action you want to perform. For example Open
          in Fireworks CS4


          -Now click the Browse button and select the executable with which you want to open the file extension. (Fireworks CS4.exe)


          -Click OK in the New Action window
          -Click OK in the Edit File Type window
          -Click Close in the Folder Options window.


          Do the same for all other file extensions you want to change.