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    Cannot open nor print PDF files.


      Cannot open nor print P

      DF files.

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          Can you give us a little more info than that please?


          How are you trying to open them. What software and version number do you have? What happens when you try and open them...etc.?

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            mgpsolutions Level 1

            I have Acrobat Reader 9.3 installed.  I am trying to open with 9.3 and

            cannot...I only see them where I saved them as files.  It comes back to tell

            me to try to open the file.


            Werner Max,

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              I can open and view adobe files I cant print them it says iot has stopped working

              what is going on

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                mgpsolutions Level 1

                I still cannot open or print PDF files!

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                  mgpsolutions Level 1

                  I'm still looking for some help in opening and printing

                  PDF files!!!!!!!

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                    Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                    You haven't given enough details about your problem, and you have not answered grafirtti's questions.


                    Do you really want to publicize all the personl information you posted in your message #2?

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                      I  cannot open PDF files, either.  This has been off/on for about 2 weeks.  I have a windows XP prof., IE7.  It gives me an error that says "There is a problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader.  Please exit Adobe Acrobat/Reader and try again."  Then I click ok and it goes to a black Adobe Acrobat screen.  I have made a couple calls to Adobe.  The told me today to uninstall all earlier versions of Acrobat Reader restart the computer, install latest version then restart again.  However, I only have one program in the add and remove programs and it is Acrobat 9.2.  when I try to remove it I get a error saying that " The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.  Enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package AdbeRdr920_en_US.msi"  I searched my computer completely and could not find that program or file.  I don't know what to do.  I have to have this for my online classes that I have to have done by the end of the month.  Also, anyone know how to manually uninstall the Acrobat Reader files that I have in folders in the C drive?  They say I am using the current 9.3 version, but when I click on the help to repair the current version, nothing happens.


                      sorry so long...  Thanks

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                        I am getting the same error report when I try to view/print pdf files online or off any website.

                        It tells me "There is a problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader. Please exit Adobe Acrobat/Reader and

                        try again." I have also removed the program from my computer, reinstalled and tried again. I thought

                        it worked because I got the first pdf to open and print but when I moved on to the next, I got the same error. I

                        am using WIndows 7 -64 bit and Adobe Reader 9.3. There must be something snagging in the program for it to be freezing like this. I am able to open any and all pdf files already saved on my computer. Sadly, I cannot open the ones in need online in order to save them.

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                          l82794 Level 1

                          I was able to open one PDF file yesterday when I checked if it was working or not, but then I had to leave the house.  Now, today, I cannot open the PDF files again.  I get the same error message that I posted the other day.  This is so frustrating.  I have to have my class done by 2-28-10, and most  of it is in Acrobat Reader PDF documents.  Someone at Adobe please help!!!!

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                            I have a 270+ user base.  They are increasingly unable

                            to view .PDF files from within Outlook Web Access.


                            All users run Windows XP Pro SP3

                            All users run Adobe Acrobat Rdr 9.x  .   No other version of Reader is installed

                                 - Adobe Flash Player 10.x is loaded on all machines

                            All affected users report that some kind of update (Windows? Adobe?) was applied to there units.

                            After the update, they report that they can not open a .PDF that they could previously open in OWA

                            All affected users report they can not uninstall the current version of Adobe Reader

                                 - They receive the same error messages as l82794 reports when attempting to open the .pdf file OR when they

                                   attempt to unistall the singularly loaded Reader application from within Control Panel  / Add-Remove Programs.

                            When directed to the Adobe website to attempt to reload ver. 9.3, it fails saying that the version is already loaded

                            on the unit.

                            Reboots of the systems do not help.

                            No other anomalies have been reported.


                            1. We've got a lot of symptoms listed from this and other posts.  What we need are the answers to correct the problem.


                            2. Since my users are unable to remove the application normally (which is, in itself, a problem - and one experienced by

                            others.) how do we uninstall Adobe Reader if needed.


                            3. There were reports from my user base that this occurred after a possible Microsoft update.  I have to believe this isn't

                                an isolated incident.  Has anyone at Adobe contacted Microsoft to work with them to isolate and resolve this, IF IT

                                ISN'T A SOLELY ADOBE RELATED PROBLEM?



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                              I'm having the same problem.  I was just wondering what security software others were using.  Thought that might be the problem???  I've got Microsoft Security Essentials.

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                                I downloaded the 9.3 update, and now none of my pdf files will open.  I just keep getting a message "not supported or damaged".  These file were fine before I updated to 9.3.    I have tried deleting files, I uninstalled Adobe, and then downloaded Adobe again. 
                                I then downloaded my pdf files again, and they still do not open.   I am using Vista.   I am VERY upset right now!!! I write, and publish ebooks, and this just KILLED my business, I had to block my website.  I can't even tell my customers to download Adobe, because they will not be able to the ebook.  How can I download the old version that worked?????

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                                  I'm not belittleing Adobe folks, but there are 2 highly visible issues here:

                                  1. I wonder if anyone at Adobe is reading and acting on these posts.

                                        - This shouldn't be a solely user based forum.  Passing "possible fixes" and "workarounds" doesn't address a (possible) flaw in the application.

                                        - And, as I have found, one workaround to fix the "can't read PDF files from within OWA (Outlook Web Access) appears to bread another

                                          aspect - data in a web based application that depends on Adobe Reader won't populate if the "Edit, Preferences, Internet, Uncheck PDF in browser

                                         option is used.

                                  2. Such a glaring issue would seem to be addressed immediately by the folks at Adobe, but there has been no update which corrects it,

                                      only updates which continue to break the reading ability.


                                  Also, for those attempting to uninstall and install an earlier version, it appears that earlier versions, if they exist on Adobe's site, are not available to

                                  the user community.  My advice would be to seek out someone you know who's in IT.  Most IT folks worth their salt will have a copy of an earlier version

                                  that works.   Then, until Adobe officially addresses the issue, I'd avoid updates to ver 9.x like the plague.

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                                    I want to echo Bill's post - copied below, with one additional piece of information.


                                    I am running Adobe Acrobat 9 pro extended v. 9.0.0; Acrobat Reader v 9.1.3.; on a Windows XP SP3 machine. The following is a summary of the documents I have opened/attempted to open:


                                    1. PDF file made with Acrobat Distiller 7.0 Windows - Opens
                                    2. PDF file made with ""unknown" PDF producer - DOES NOT OPEN
                                    3. PDF file made with Quartz PDF context on Mac OS X 10.6.2 - PDF version 1.3 - DOES NOT OPEN
                                    4. PDF File made with AMYUNI PDF Converter; PDF version 1.3 - Opens
                                    5. PDF file made with Acrobat Distiller 9.0.0 PDF version 1.5 opens
                                    6. PDF file made with DPY Document Producer; PDF version 1.5 opens


                                    So, it appears that certain programs that create .pdf files are not compatible with the latest reader.  This is particulary troublesome for the Mac.  This is a significant issue for my business as I am constantly working with legal files created in various PDF formats.  I have been unable to open several of them.


                                    Is there any news on a fix?

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                                      I had the same problem with adobe reader 9.3, could not read any files or create files.

                                      I used RevoUninstaller to remove 9.3 and went to filehippo.com to get version 9.2.

                                      No problems with 9.2, everything is back to normal.

                                      I am running on windows XP.

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                                        zidabet Level 1

                                        you can get older versions of adobe reader from filehippo.com

                                        click on adobe reader 9.3 and all versions will be listed on the right side of page, just choose the one you want.

                                        I installed version 9.2 and now my problems are gone.

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                                          Danielsn98 Level 1

                                          Zidabet,  Thanks for the information - unfortunately, I am still having problems opening

                                          certain pdf files.  I was able to use Revo Uninstaller (I really like this program - thanks for the tip) and

                                          filehippo to find Adobe Reader 9.2.  I removed and installed and I am still getting - "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired."


                                          I believe that this is due to the Acrobat 9.3 installation I still have.  I am going to try to remove it, 9.2 and reinstall just reader 9.2 to see if it works.


                                          BTW I am running an XP PC on SP3.

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                                            Danielsn98 Level 1

                                            Ok.. uninstalled Adobe Reader 9.3 and Acrobat 9.3 and reinstalled Reader 9.2.  It still appears as if the files I attempted to open before, I cannot open. The most consistent issue with them is that they get a message "file is damaged" or "error opening this document" and there is no information on the Properties-PDF tab as to how they were created and by what...in essence they are corrupted.  I am not sure if this is done by the opening process or the creation process.


                                            The documents I seem to have the most problem with are ones created on a Mac....

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                                              Danielsn98 Level 1

                                              Ok, If you see my posts above, you will see my issues.



                                              I have been having problems with Adobem I have simultaneously been unable to send files in Outlook over 100KB. I just discovered that Outlook is truncating all e-mails over 100KB INBOUND TOO!  This is what is causing the corruption to my Adobe files.  If I receive them in a webmail client (like Gmail), they work just fine.


                                              Not sure how to fix it. I am running ESET anti-spam/virus and have diabled the e-mail filtering, disabling add-ins, running outlook in safe mode, ... nothing seems to work.


                                              This may be an outlook (2007) issue not an adobe issue...

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                                                ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                Danielsn98 wrote:



                                                This may be an outlook (2007) issue not an adobe issue...

                                                     It could be Outlook but it might be worth a call to your ISP to see if it's in the way they handle the transfer of emails.

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                                                  Danielsn98 Level 1

                                                  Yeah, I was thinking about that, but noone else in my office appears to have the issue.

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                                                    Try opening them in Internet Explorer. That worked for me. I couldn't open them in Chrome.

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                                                      ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                      It seems o be an email issue rather than a browser issue.

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                                                        Hi all,


                                                        My system is a DELL Alienware with Windows 7.


                                                        I have done the following steps:


                                                        Downloaded 9.3 and it would display when I started the program.


                                                        Adobe Reader9.3 has stopped working.


                                                        I uninstalled 9,3, rebooted, redownload and installed.


                                                        Same result.


                                                        Any suggestions?



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                                                          I had a similar problem.  The article below talks about incompatibilty problems with older versions of Acobat and Reader 9.x.  I had Acobat 5.0.  I uninstalled Reader 9.3 and downloaded Reader 8.2.  Everything seems to be working now.



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                                                            This is not a solution.

                                                            I have Acrobat Pro 9.3 which reads and OCR's office documents.

                                                            Now they cannot be read in Acrobat reader 9.3 because of this Error.


                                                            My home machine is Windows 7 Business 64 bit. I have installed Reader 9.3 on in both the 64 bit and in virtual XP 32 bit.

                                                            The error keeps happening.


                                                            I have hundreds of documents created with Acrobat Pro 9.3 that need to be read.


                                                            Adobe has to come up with a solution.

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                                                              zidabet Level 1

                                                              I hope they get a solution, I have all of my important financials in .pdf.

                                                              Makes me really nervous , that is why I will keep using the older software til it is resolved.

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                                                                I am appalled to see that these problems have existed since early February, at least, without any apparent effort by Adobe to even investigate  let alone fix whatever is wrong.


                                                                I came here only because I am out of patience with every single pdf file retrieved from the web causing the browser to crash - I've tried both Firefox and IE on the same web sites. I barely have time to verify I have the expected file before the browser crashes.  What galls me most is that some of these files are documents I have retrieved and examined in the past without printing or otherwise saving them.


                                                                I am running  Vista and had no problems with it or either browser until I installed Adobe 9!

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                                                                  ISGuy48 Level 1

                                                                  I contacted Adobe on Friday of last week (March 19, 2010).  I used a contact for another product hoping to get through to a live voice relating to Adobe Reader.


                                                                  The response from Adobe is this:

                                                                  - There is NO support (online / phone) for Adobe Reader as it is a free product.

                                                                  - If/when there is a fix applied to the problem, it won't happen until the next release / update.

                                                                  - There's no indication when that fix will be forthcoming.

                                                                  - They suggested I fill out a bug fix form which I did**.

                                                                        ** I can not believe others haven't already done this.


                                                                  So basically, Adobe Reader users who have ver 9.3 are stuck with no avenue of remedy.



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                                                                    ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                    Why not simply use one of the other free PDF readers that are available?


                                                                    So basically, Adobe Reader users who have ver 9.3 are stuck with no avenue of remedy.



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                                                                      BCssedy Level 1

                                                                      The primary reason is that my business uses an application written here which has a lot of coding based on the parameters, settings and functionality of Adobe Reader.  We'd have to redo a considerable amount and it would be aggravating to find that the substitution application had different problems or didn't work.



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                                                                        Danielsn98 Level 1

                                                                        I may not have made this clear before.... The problem now appears to be with outlook.  I have Adobe Acrobat 9.3 installed. I re

                                                                        installed it and had no problems, except with files over 85kb in size delivered in outlook.  appartenly outlook is t

                                                                        runcating my files for some reason.  This creates corrupted adobe files which will not open..


                                                                        If you are a user of outlook, you might check this our as a potential problem... It has been weeks and I have been unable to resolve this issue.

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                                                                          I have it!!   After waiting 10 min. The files actually do open and work fine.  so I looked in task manager, and did a "End-Task"  on an Acrobat related file that start out 3D**.exe  Then acrobat would open and view files fast..

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                                                                            I have a similar prob... every time I link a pdf file from my website

                                                                            http://www.trendings.de I ca't open or print the PDF file. Dunno what I am doing wrong...

                                                                            When I go to other sites, it works!?


                                                                            Thx for your help,


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                                                                              I am having the same problem.  I am running vista and i cannot get the file to open.


                                                                              I made sure i have the latest version of adobe.


                                                                              Shoud i try uninstalling adobe completely and then reinstalling the software?  I am able to open the document on my laptop so i would think that the file is not the issue here.