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    Pre Elements 8- convert .prel to .mov




        I have been battling with several issues for Pre Elements 8, it displays "system memory low" and also "not responding" issues when sharing to quicktime file.....but the main issue is when i make a video by dragging the clips into the timeline, then render so the timeline is green, i want to file>export>to quicktime (or .mov file) but the export option is not available, how do i make it available?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Unfortunately, you are confusing PrE's Project file with an AV file. This ARTICLE will give you some background on the .PREL (and PRPROJ Project files in PrPro).


          In PrE 8, the old File>Export has been altered. It now only is for Exporting to a still image. You will find your old Export options under the Share tab.


          Hope that this helps, and good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            For the "low on system resources" error message, this ARTICLE might be useful for setting up your computer, and then getting it ready for an editing session.


            There are also a lot of very useful entries in the FAQ Section, on optimizing PrE 8, and one's OS. They are all worth reading. I highly recommend reading them all, and applying the suggestions that apply to your OS, etc.


            Good luck,