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    Flash 9 destroys dual boot capability


      I use a dual-boot computer, with one partition for Linux (Debian) and one for Windows XP.  I can't use Flash on Linux as Adobe has never ported it to that platform. So I put my Flash on the Windows partition.  Unfortunately, while I have no trouble with Flash 8 on the Windows partition, when I attempt to open Flash 9 on it it crashes the entire system.


      My husband found an article in the Winter 2009-2010 issue of 2600, the Hacker Quarterly magazine; it seems that in CS3, which Flash 9 is part of, Adobe has written its copy protection code in such a way as to cause a dual-boot machine to become unbootable after one uses Adobe software.  I don't understand all the technical issues, but as the article states, "even though you have paid Adobe real money for their software, they will still potentially ruin your dual-boot system."


      I realize Adobe doesn't consider Linux users numerous enough to accommodate, but by taking my money for their product, the company has an obligation to give me value in return. The value I expect is to be able to use the software I paid for - it's not up to Adobe to decide which OS I should use. At least they could warn people that you can't use CS3 (and probably not CS4) on a dual-boot system.  I will now start learning to use Inkscape immediately.