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    Font Degradation


      Hi all,


      I am having a problem with font degradation in an AVI I am encoding.  I am creating a project in CS4 with all of the settings for HDV 720p30 except fields are set to lower field first.  No reason for this - I can change it to none if it may be an issue.


      I place multiple assets in a timeline (AVI, MOV, After effects) and without editing and just adding transitions between them I am exporting it to an AVI using the Indeo 5.1 codec (because it allows for 1280 x 720 out).  Same lower field first, square pixels, render at maximum depth.


      Any ideas why I am getting very pixelated fonts?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Where are these fonts coming in - Titles from Titler, from the Video Assets, or from still images, Imported into PrPro?


          One comment - Indeo is a very, very old CODEC, and is also not available on the vast majority of computers. Is that really the best?


          Good luck,



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            showentx Level 1

            Sorry, the Fonts are from the video assets imported into PP. 


            Also, the reason I am using Indeo is for the ability to scale the output to match my input (1280x720).  Outside of trying new codecs is there anything else I may be missing? 


            BTW - the final AVI file is exported into a DCI compliant JPG2000.  Also, most of my assets are uncompressed AVI files with fewer of the others thrown in. 


            Thanks for the response.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              So the fonts appear in the Uncompressed AVI Assets, and their Frame Size matches the Project's Preset. Is that correct? Also, contained within those Uncompressed AVI's, they look very good. Is that correct?


              When you play the Timeline in PrPro, with the Program Monitor set to a Magnification of 100%, and the Quality set to Highest, how do they look?


              I'm just trying to get a timeline (not a Timeline) on where the degradation is being introduced.


              Good luck, and thank you for the info,



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                showentx Level 1

                Yes, they look good in the Uncompressed AVI Assets, and their Frame size matches my 1280x720 preset.  I checked eveything in the monitor at 100% and it still looks good.


                I am doing the same thing.  I have about 72 clips and I am double checking everything in the assets to see if anything is different from my project preset (fps etc)


                Thanks again - at the very least you have encouraged me to analyze the assets a bit more.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Good work. It now appears that the degradation is being introduced in the Export.


                  I'm not familiar with the DCI JPEG2K output that you require. Do you have a URL for that format? Might be another way to get you what you want and save the quality.


                  Good luck,