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    fileReference and cffile read

    RosieGp Level 1

      I implemented FileReference it shows me the browser. I'm still trying to figure out how to default to the folder...
      I have another question after the browser shows the default folder with html extension files. when the user select the file, the contents need to show up in a text area... I'm trying to do this... Here is my code if you can help any way...

      mxml file....

      private function filesHtml():void { 
      var fileRef:FileReference = new FileReference();
      try{ fileRef.browse();}
      catch (error:Error)
      trace("Unable to browse for files.");} }

      <mx:TextArea id="texthtmlEditor"/>

      <mx:Button label="View" click="filesHtml()"/>


      <cffile action="read" file ="\\\\myserver\\myfolder\\" variable="fileContents">

      Any help is really appreciated...