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    Source of Pre-Built Frameworks Locales?

    flashharry! Level 1

      Hi All,


      Where do I get pre-built locale frameworks files. I have Flex Builder and in the SDK folders is the en_US and ja_JP.


      I can switch between English and Japanese and all works fine, the dates are all in the correct language, validation all shows in correct language.


      But I need a bunch of other languages so I create the es_ES with bin/copylocale en_US es_ES


      All this does is copy the English frameworks to a new folder. What I want is all the controls like the dates and validation to be in Spanish, like they are in Japanese when I use that local.


      I'm dealing with my own local language modification like labels etc. I'm looking for the flex built in controls language files.


      Any help this is holding up deployment.





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          cheftimo Level 2

          I have FB3 and was looking for locale resources other than the two – English, Japanese that came with it.


          I installed FlashBuilder 4, which I won't be using until the final version is available. But that beta comes with 16 locales – es_ES is one of them – and I just copied those to the SDKs I have for FB3. I have a little bilingual Flex site I built a while ago, which is working fine with the es_ES locale I got from the FB4 installation.


          So, just get the FB4 beta and you will have resources for at least 16 locales. The one I use, es_CO, is not included in those, but I just copied es_ES to es_CO and, of course it works fine.





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            flashharry! Level 1

            thanks for the information a step in the right direction.


            Wonder why Adobe does not ship these with flex 3 sdk. They must have them, Flex 3 sold in France must have the french and Flex3 sold in Germany must have German language etc.....


            Flex 3 locale frameworks are around 12-16kb the flex 4 ones are 124-768kb


            Flex 3








            Flex 4






            So anyone know where to get the out of the box standard locale Frameworks that Adobe ships with the international copies of Flex Builder 3, Adobe....Adobe... are you listening?




            • 3. How to create default locales for flex3 step by step guide
              flashharry! Level 1

              First off, many thanks to cheftimo for pointing out that the free flex 4 sdk contains 16 languages.


              I needed out of the box default locale strings for all the built in controls like dates and form validation for flex 3.


              I did this with sdk 3.4.0 on the Mac, but should work in 3.5.0


              Flex 3 ships with en_US and ja_JP I will make a es_ES in this example but this will work for any the 16 locales you need.


              1) Download the free flex 4 sdk and unzip


              Located inside this zip are the locale properties /frameworks/projects/frameworks/bundles/{locale} in our example es_ES


              2) Make a copy of the en_US in Flex 3


              cd /Applications/Adobe\ Flex\ Builder\ 3/sdks/3.4.0


              bin/copylocale en_US es_ES


              This creates a copy of the en_US in /Applications/Adobe Flex Builder 3/sdks/3.4.0/frameworks/locale/ as es_ES


              Everything is set up for you except that it as not translated the strings.


              3) unzip the framework file


              cd /Applications/Adobe Flex Builder 3/sdks/3.4.0/frameworks/locale/es_ES


              unzip framework_rb.swc


              This extract in the es_ES folder



              locale (folder)


              4) rename for back up, the  original framework file (not needed anymore)

              mv  framework_rb.swc framework_rb.bu


              5) copy in the porperties files from flex 4 sdk to the locale/es_ES folder you just extracted


              you can do the next step in the command line or finder (finder is easier)


              Open the flex 4 sdk properties folder


              open /frameworks/projects/frameworks/bundles/es_ES


              copy the 13 property files to the just unzipped folder locale/es_ES


              6) re-zip the files


              zip framework_rb.swc locale library.swf catalog.xml


              This will result in a new framework_rb.swc you can now delete the 2 extracted files and 1 extracted folder: (locale library.swf catalog.xml)


              Thats it you now have a flex 3 locale file just repeat the steps for the other ones you need




              Note you could just copy the framework.swc from the flex 4 sdk but I'm paranoid and was not sure what might have changed in say the catalog.xml for example.


              I hope this helps others