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    SOURCE ATTACHMENT for multiple source paths


      I have a flex app project with the name AppProj.



      I also have a flex library with the name LibProj. It has no SRC folder of its own. It has 3 external folders as source paths ...




      The Main Source Folder is  C:\folder\codeFolder1\



      The AppProj adds the LibProj in the Flex Library Build Path. I check the Source Attachment of the LibProj and it is pointing to C:\folder\codeFolder1\ which is LibProj's Main Source Path.



      Now if I hit F3 or CTRL+CLICK on a class that is in the C:\folder\codeFolder2\ or C:\folder\codeFolder3\ folder, I get the source not found in the swc error.



      How can I specify multiple source attachment or how do I solve this problem.