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    Barchart Category Label Sizing


      I'm having an issue with label sizing on a barchart that I have created.  Basically, the labels are reduced to such a size that they are unreadable.  I've done plenty of reading and tried so many things that I've kind of lost count now, but I was wondering if anyone else had experienced a similar problem or had any ideas about how I might get around it.  I've looked at the obvious things such as fontsize throughout the chart component, axisrenderer, labelrenderer, etc without any effect.


      The chart is pretty straight-forward.  I've created it as a component with no particularly flashy add-ons.  the code is below...





      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <mx:BarChart xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" width="100%" fontSize="10">


      import mx.core.Application;
      import mx.collections.SortField;
      import mx.collections.Sort;
      import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
      import mx.charts.*;
      import mx.collections.ArrayList;
      import mx.charts.chartClasses.IAxis;




      private function percFormat(labelValue:Number, previousValue:Object, axis:IAxis):String {
          return round.format(labelValue * 100)+" %";




      private function commaFormat(labelValue:Number, previousValue:Object, axis:IAxis):String {
          return commasep.format(labelValue);








      <mx:CurrencyFormatter id="curr" currencySymbol="$" useThousandsSeparator="true" precision="0" /> 


      <mx:NumberFormatter id="commasep" thousandsSeparatorFrom="," precision="0"/>


      <mx:NumberFormatter id="round" precision="2"/>


      <mx:SeriesSlide id="Slide" duration="1000" direction="right" />
      <mx:SeriesInterpolate id="Interpolate" duration="1000" />


      <mx:Stroke id="axisStroke" color="#909090" weight="2" alpha="1" caps="round"/>


              <mx:CategoryAxis id="vertAxis" categoryField="segment"/>
              <mx:LinearAxis id="horAxis" autoAdjust="true" labelFunction="commaFormat"/>


              <mx:AxisRenderer axis="{vertAxis}" showLabels="true" axisStroke="{this.axisStroke}"/>               
              <mx:AxisRenderer axis="{horAxis}" placement="top" axisStroke="{this.axisStroke}"/>        
              <mx:BarSeries yField="segment" xField="{Application.application.sellerHL_chartView}" showDataEffect="Interpolate" creationCompleteEffect="slide"/>



      If anyone has any thoughts, it would be greatly appreciated.