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    Flex Dataprovider to VB.net DataTable


      hi there, i have a  list control and it have asociated a dataprovider "it have multiple columns and multiple rows". i need to send his content  as datatable to my webservice.


      i want to do somthing like this in flex:


      <!-- Definicion del webservice -->
      <mx:WebService id="ws"
          <mx:operation name="function01" fault="faultHanlder(event)" result="resultHandler(event)" showBusyCursor="true">


      and then in my webservice i wnat to handle that dataprovider as a datat table..


      <WebMethod()> Public Function function01(ByVal data As dataTable) As Integer

           'lots of code to handle the datatable info. 

           Return data.rows.count
      End Function


      hope there is a way to do this.


      thanks in advance..