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    Combining client side datagrid functions with server

    Pat Moody



      Should it be possible to delete rows from a grid independent of whether they have been saved back to the server or not. Here is an example:


      protected function buttonDelete_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
          if (adg1.selectedIndex > -1) {
              if (adg1.selectedItem.obj_uuid.substr(0,15) == "unsaved_closure" ) {
              else if (adg1.selectedItem.obj_uuid.length  == 36){
          else { Alert.show("You need to select a row for deletion");


      What is intended here is that there is only one delete function for datagrid rows. The problem I'm having is that if there have been a number of new rows added to the datagrid without committing those changes. When I subsequently choose to delete a row that has been committed (running the 'deleteClosure' function in this example) it appears to be corrupting the client side rows by removing the value assigned to the adg1.selectedItem.obj_uuid and replacing it with item.obj_uuid as its new value. It's only affecting this uniquely defined column an not the others.