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    "dxkbd.dat" -  What is it.?


      Anyone know if dxkbd.dat is a part of Adobe, if so What the #@$% is it.?


      I find it in the registry Key = APPLIC~1\Adobe\Update\dxkbd.dat

      under Hkey_Local_Machine\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32\Update\dxkbd.dat


      And notified a new startup pgm has been detected that (I did not install) My personal home machine FYI.


      And it keeps coming back automatically. I think it is a VIRUS that is not yet published.



      Deinstalled and removed folders for;


      1 -  Acrobat 8

      2  PDF995

      3 - Reader 9

      4 - Adobe folder found in C:\DOCUME~1\username~1\APPLIC~1\Adobe\Update\dxkbd.dat



      Then rebooting, this folder was found again in C:\DOCUME~1\username~1\APPLIC~1\Adobe\Update\   after startup, and again in the registry.


      Multiple AVG scan are clean.