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    DW properties panel won't display properly ?

    jbhoo12 Level 1

      Title pretty much says it. Ever sence i got DW the properties panel dozen't display all the its items. I have uploaded a screenshot of it. I have dual monitors and have tried adjusting the resoulution up and down on both of them I run one at 1400x900 widescreen and the other at 1280 x 1024 both 19 in monitors adjusting resolution on iether dosen't make a difference. Another thing I thought it might be is my system font size its set to medium 125% I haven't tried adjusting that because thats right where I want it.We choulden't have to adjust our computers to the software, it should be the other way around. One more thing dose anyone know how to adjust the font sise in bridge ? the folders panel font is real small.