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    How to import, merge old and new personal dictionaries?


      I have DW CS4. Upgraded from DW8. How do I get all the "learned" words in the DW8 personal dictionary into the new DW CS4 dictionary?


      Thanks.  Ed

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          David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

          Your personal dictionary is stored in a file called Personal Dictionary  MX.tlx, which is stored in the following location depending on your  operating system:
                 * Windows Vista/Windows 7:  C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS4\Common
                  * Windows XP: C:\Documents and  Settings\<username>\Application Data\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS4\Common
                  * Mac OS X: Macintosh HD:Users:<username>:Library:Application  Support:Adobe:Dreamweaver CS4:Common


          I'm not exactly sure where it will be for DW8, although it's likely to be in a similar place (replace Adobe with Macromedia). Just copy Personal Dictionary MX.tlx to the new location, and you should have your personal dictionary available.

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            edverry Level 1

            Thanks much for the idea about moving/copying the old dictionary to the new CS4 location. I am using Mac version, fyi. After moving the file to the the CS4 location the spell check in CS4 seem to work. That is, my old learned words were remembered and useful when spellchecking. I didn't think this simple moving of the file would work because the formats of the text files are different -- the personal dictionary files.


            In DW 8 it appears that the learned personal words are simply listed, separated by carriage returns. However, in CS4 the first line in the original personal dictionary is this...


            #LID 24941


            Then the learned words are listed below it, but each word is followed by a tab, then a lower case "i"  -- followed by a carriage return. Like this...


            #LID 24941

            Beaverhead     i

            Blixseth     i

            (Tabs maybe don't show here?)


            I assumed I would need to have all my old learned DW8 words in the the new format. But, as I say, the old dictionary seems to work with it's old format. But will there be a problem sooner or later due to the old format dictionary being used? Should I reformat the old file/words to match CS4 format?


            Thanks again!  Ed