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    CF8 <cfQuery> Issue

      In previous versions of CF you could execute a stored procedure using the <cfQuery> tag and you would receive a query result set containing the returned data. For example:

      <cfquery name="checkLogin" datasource="myDataSource">
      Execute LoginUser
      @Email = 'jim@example.com',
      @PasswordHash = '5F4DCC31234765D61D8327DEB882CF99'

      In CF7 and prior this would return a query result set containing several fields that specified the permission level of the user, etc. In CF8 the result set contains a single column called “COMPUTED_COLUMN_1” and has a single blank row.

      I’ve tested this same code on CF7 and it works fine. We need to use <cfQuery> rather than <cfStoredProcedure> because we need to be able to pass in the names for parameters since they can be in any order and our stored procedures don’t always require all parameters. <cfProcParam> does not allow you to pass in a parameter name. There is a dbVarName attribute but it hasn’t worked since the pre-MX days even though it is still referred to in certain places in the docs.

      Anyone else having this problem?