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    Creating CSS text in Fireworks... or should I say not.


      I am so frustrated with Fireworks. I have the latest update, and I am still having problems creating text and exporting as html/css. I've tried deleting elements I though might be causing issues, still no go. I get either no css styling, some styling or some variation in between. I've viewed a few tutorials online and it looks like it should be very easy.


      I should state that I am importing a PSD & ILLIO file (tried playing around with both, and still nuttin. Do I need to recreate this fully in FW? Hope not. Will that even work?


      I'm a college teacher and I hadn't planned on using Fireworks, but after opening the Overview DVD that came with the software it looked like a great solution for us designers that don't know much or anything about CSS/HTML, now I'm not so sure... and I need to have this ready for my class Wed! Thinking of abandoning FW entirely, which would be dissapointing, cause it seems like a great bridge between design and implementation.


      Also when trying to export slices as PNG 24 I am still getting matting even though I have a transparent canvas and have deselected matting in the preview window. Seems really buggy.


      Any GURUs that could take a look at my file to lend some help?


      Help appreciated!