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    AutomationNameValue in intemRenderer : QTP Crashing

    dam.C Level 1
      HI All,
             I have a checkBox and a ComboBox based item renderer in datagrid. As soon as QTP automated script clicks on checkbox (Itemrenderer) or select a value from Cbox(itemrender) , QTP crashes.
      I have tried to set automationNameValue  by overriding icreateAutomationIDPart in itemrenderer as suggested by adobe in following link
      Basically , I have overridden createAutomationIDPart method in both itenrederer
                 import mx.automation.IAutomationObject;
                  override public function createAutomationIDPart(item:IAutomationObject):Object {
                          var id:Object = super.createAutomationIDPart(item);
                          id["automationName"] = id["automationIndex"];
                          return id;
           QTP continues to be crashed even after overriding above method . Please suggest some ways/ideas to solve this issue.
      Flex Version - 3.2
      Thanks & Regards
      Dharmendra Chouhan