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    How to create a single large bitmap data at run time?

    M.S.H Level 1

      Hi All,

      Please help me in overcoming the issue that is mentioned below.

      Requirement:   Create single very large bitmap data which contain some 30 PNG images loaded and for each image it should have some text.  Images and text are loaded dynamically (AS2 code. Images are stored in a remote server). The bitmap data display should show 8 images at a time and corresponding text. We can see rest content by scrolling (kinetic scroll is implemented). How can I go for it?

      Some questions:

      · Is there any limit for size of bitmap data ( As per link there is restriction on the height of the bitmap we can create in AS2 (max value is 2880 which is not enough for some 30 element list http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashLite/2.0_FlashLiteAPIReference2/WS84235ED5-9394-4a52-A098 -EED216C18A66.html ) How to overcome this limitation?

      · If we create individual bitmap data for 30 individual PNG files, we find some jerks in scroll. How can we have smooth scrolling?

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