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    Auto Number PO#

    PhyllisCaro2010 Level 1

      I'm trying to find a way to auto increment the PO# field. Or generate a unique number each time I open the form.

      Any idea?

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          $Nith$ Level 4

          You can make use of the TaskId (created for the starting task of your process) which is unique across applications.


          One issue with this approach is: you cannot expect it to be sequential (but it will be incremental). I mean you will get 1 3 7 23 etc.


          Otherwise create a table to save the current PO# and increment it by writing a web service. (This is same old fashion)




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            PhyllisCaro2010 Level 1

            Thanks $Nith$.

            Forgive me but can I ask you to elaborate further by leading me step by step.

            I would love to see both ways. Would you be kind enough to make the effort for me?

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              $Nith$ Level 4



              Just one clarification:


              Do you want the auto-generated PO# to be appear on the form? Or just to get saved in database?



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                PhyllisCaro2010 Level 1

                To appear on the form.

                Thanks a million!

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                  PhyllisCaro2010 Level 1

                  One more thing. The form is used on two machines

                  only. The form is printed and not submitted


                  the order # need not to be sequntial.


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                    $Nith$ Level 4

                    Your input form variable created in your process usually refers to a Render Service (Default Render PDF).


                    You can tweak this render service to populate the task Id on the form.



                    Some guides..


                    1. Create a copy of your default render service

                    2. The render service will have a variable already created named 'taskId' which will be your PO# on your form

                    3. There is a variable named 'dataDoc' which will be merged with the form template; a step before the form bridge in injected into the form

                         Amend the taskId in the dataDoc variable and let the data merging happen after this step.




                    If my guide are not detailed, you can refer to the following link to pre-populate data on the form.


                    http://www.rolando-lopez.com/tech/livecycle-es/2008/03/prepopulate-form-with-logged-in-use r-info-in-livecycle-es/








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                      PhyllisCaro2010 Level 1

                      I have decided to generate the PO# by Concat the PO Date and the Vendor.

                      Would I be imposing to ask you if you can create it for me?

                      I thought by using the Date2num to be stored in a field and the Concat function to be stored in another one. Then I can have The PO# = to the Concat field. The problem is I don't Know how to do it.

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                        $Nith$ Level 4

                        I am unable to understand your requirement fully. Anyways, I have created a simple form with which I understood so for.


                        Just see it and let me know your opinion.



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                          PhyllisCaro2010 Level 1

                          THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          The only thing is. I want the date in the PO to be "DDMMYYVendor". Without the "/".


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                            $Nith$ Level 4

                            You must be familiar with these small changes..


                            Anyhow, here you go..



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                              PhyllisCaro2010 Level 1

                              Thank you!!!