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    Livecycle and stratus




      I saw some sample codes for Liveccle and Stratus.In Livecycle we are giving the room url  but not in stratus.Why the room ur is not present in stratus? instead it have a developer key,why?


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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          LiveCycle LCCS is a much higher level service than Stratus.  LCCS comprises a number of Adobe-hosted services and a client-side framework to access those services and make building collaboration applications easy.  conversely, Stratus *just* provides P2P introductions/lookups and helps bootstrap groups.  it provides no other services and has no high-level client-side frameworks to interface with it.  Stratus has no notion of "rooms" or any other complex application constructs.



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            satheeshpallath12 Level 1



            You told me in Stratus there is no ROOM concept.Then for p2p cpmmunication, what we need is just to connect to the stratus?



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              Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

              for P2P communication with Stratus, each peer connects to Stratus.  to get peers talking, you must use your own application logic and servers to exchange peer IDs between the parties that want direct communications, or the parties can join RTMFP Groups (via NetStream and/or NetGroup).  in the latter case, Stratus can help bootstrap members into the groups.  this function isn't required, though; you can use your own application logic and servers to track members of groups and bootstrap them manually.  you might elect to do that if you want to keep groups completely secret (in order to bootstrap a group, Stratus must know about it and who is in it, but that only happens if you enable the server channel).


              for anything more sophisticated, like a "room", you must construct that yourself out of the elementary building blocks (1-1 NetStreams and group NetStreams and NetGroups) and your own application logic and servers.