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    Persistant shared object


      Hi Experts,

      I am creating a game which 2 users can play. For this I have implemented the concept of RTMP and Remote Shared object using FluorineFx as my communication server. I have implemented this successfully.

      Now as per the requirement, If player close window and again join after some time then the current status of the game should be loaded. For that purpose I have converted remote object to persistent remote object. So in this case while one player disconnect and again connect then he can get the current game status. BUT while both the players disconnect from the game and again join, then the new game starts from first stage instead of, from current stage while it was disconnected.

      So my requirement is to keep the game on even though both the players has disconnected from the game. Later on I will stop the game on some conditions.


      Any kind of suggetions are invited.