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    Coldfusion Event Gateway Adapter exercise

    michel_LeBlond Level 1
      I am doing this exercises in the FlexBuilder SDK .
      Use Coldfusion Event Gateway Adapter exercise
      When I get to
      Select Event Gateways > Gateway Instances.
      Enter Flex2CF2 as the Gateway ID.
      Select Flex Messaging - Flex as the Gateway Type.

      There is no Flex Messaging-Flex option
      The closest two are
      DataManagement Notifies Data Management Services of data changes coldfusion.eventgateway.flex.FlexDataManagementGateway

      DataServicesMessaging Handles Data Services Messaging messages coldfusion.eventgateway.flex.FlexMessagingGateway

      I try the example @ http://localhost:8700/samples/dataservice/myapp/flexemail2cf.mxml
      The flex server is running fine but generates an RMI error in the cmd console
      flex.messaging.MessageException: Unable to find ColdFusion gateway 'Flex2CF2 in RMI registry on host localhost
      the gateway may not be running.

      The gateway shows as running in the coldfusion adminstrator.