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    How to amend PlaceMultipagePDF.jsx?

    seb400 Level 1

      Hi all

      I've found this script very useful, but there is one thing that is causing me an issue.


      I'm generally placing A4 pdfs into an A4 sheet. The script automatically places the pdf on the page with x, y axis of 0. I've been able to amend this measurement to allow placing of pdfs with varying degrees of bleed/trim, however (it seems to me) the script won't run if the bleed dimensions of the placed pdf are larger than around 25mm causing the automatic image box to fall outside the visual area of the desktop (eg if the pdf is 297x210mm but has bleed surrounding it requiring x,y co-ordinates of -31.0). However it is possible to create an image box manually to these co-ordinates.


      I assume that the following line of text from the could be changed to crop the placed pdf to the trim and I can then run with the [0,0] co-ordinates - I've tried but sadly I don't know the correct terminology is it 'object model'?


      app.pdfPlacePreferences.pdfCrop = PDFCrop.cropMedia;