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    Issue with setting a form recipient




      I have created an incredibily simple form in Livecycle, a few free text boxes and a submit by email button.  It is going to be used on a corporate, internal area so I know that everyone has outlook 2007.


      My issue is:  When distributing the form, I don't get an option to specify an email address for it to be sent to.  Somehow, it just uses mine and sends all the replies direct to me.  I want it to send to a shared inbox.


      This was happening when I clicked "submit form" on the top right of adobe reader.  However, I then used the submit by email button, and specified the shared email address, and it still just sent the form from myself, to myself.


      I think I'm probably missing something really simple, but any help would be really appreciated.



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          Dallas Kuhn Level 3

          Try this -  use a regular button. In the 'URL box ' of the 'Submit' Tab of the button enter 'mailto:' followed by your email address (e.g. email@domain.com'). You can then choose the Submit type from the dropdown

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            klelvin Level 1



            Thanks for that,


            I tried it out and it seemed to work.  But I had changed machine, and during the distribution process, I had to specify my recipient details.  I put in the email that I wanted the form to go to (email add1), and it worked.


            However, I then came to design a second form, and used the same method.  I wasn't prompted for an email address, and now the 2nd form always sends to email add1 instead of the one I put as mailto: on the submit button.


            Is there any way to change the default email specified during the first form? or have I missed something?


            Thanks again.