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    CS3 Bug? Exporting Flat PNG24 or PNG32




      I have been running into this issue a LOT lately.



      Basically, I will be working on a marathon graphics editing session for designing my website only to have my ability to export FLAT PNG24s or 32s to stop working. I will go into the PNG export options and PNG8 with a white matte will be selected. I will change all of the settings manually, load settings from both default and custom saved settings and try to export.


      Nope. The image is a block of white where it should be a white image with a transarnent background. I go back into the export settings and PNG8 is selected again.



      I'm having to uninstall and reinstall my software every 48 hours. HOW CAN I FIX THIS ISSUE?



      I have scrubbed Google for too long and thought I would finally bring it to a support forum.




      My deepest, earnest thanks to anyone who knows how to fix this issue. I really need my Fireworks working at 100%. :-(