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    Stop on a frame


      All I want to do is

      stop on a frame then click on an object and

      progress to another frame. MX was simple

      to perform this, with cs4 it seems to be a mine field any sugestions.

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          Harry Kunz Level 4

          Please do not duplicate threads. See my Q and possible answer in your other duplicated thread. If that does not answer the problem please try to attach your fla file.

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            ashbid Level 1

            Sorry about that, I've just gone back to learn flash over it seems a bit has

            changed. I'm on a deadline - bitten off more than I can chew. I'm creating a

            clickable movie for products and i was trying to put the stop on a graphic

            layer which I used to able to do, but now I've created a action layer it

            works. Thanks