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    Project Manager (CS4) Not copying files


      I'm running CS4 4.2.1 on a Mac and am using footage from a Sony EX1 Camera.  The raw files are in mp4 format and all edits well except I cannot trim the project using Project Manager.  It estimates the size correctly and when it copies everything over, all is there except the footage.  I've tried it with different formats (avi, mov) and they work, but not the MP4 files.  Any ideas?

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          The only time that I have encountered similar was with SmartSound files, that were actually located on another HDD, though obviously linked to the Project. I learned to just gather those up and manually Copy them to a Music folder within the archived Project.


          I've not heard of this (or at least recall having heard of it), with traditional AV files and other Assets. Maybe someone else can offer some real help.


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