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    News Section updating


      Hey guys,


      Me once again.. Anyway, just when i thought all was going well, a new problem comes up again! i'm thinking this company needs a brand new website.. one thats just pure html. haha


      anyway, i nee dto update the news section on my main.swf   As far as i know(and the old designer said too), i just nee dto update the news_text movieclip on the main fla file. Which i did. i uploaded it, no luck, hasnt updated. Then i go into the CMS page, update the text there, no luck. I even edited the old text's to see if it would update, but nada.


      So i check my fla file, and it says on the movie elip file   --> export News_text   now I'm pretty sure this exports it to action script, but i can't find the file that calls it..


      Please help, this company is wringing my neck about this site. All i can do is keep my mouth shut and try to work as fast as i can.