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    PPT to SWF


      Hi All,


      I am knew to flex. I am not sure whether it is possible to convert PPT/PPTX to SWF.if not is there any flex/flash api which can be used in C#, C++ or any other programming language. I am able to see there are 1000's of PPT-SWF converter, not sure what kind of interface there are using to create a SWF file.


      Thanks in advance and you help is greatly appreciated.

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          pauland Level 4

          There are no APIs out there to do this that I am aware of.


          There are tons of dedicated convertors out there - google is your friend. Most have trials.


          Generally, you run the converter, point it at a powerpoint and it generates a swf.


          Naturally, quality will vary according to product and last time I explored this, most products produced AVM1 (Actionscript 1 & 2 compatible) swfs, not AVM2 (Actionscript 3) swfs, so controlling them from code takes effort, though if they are just played in a browser it doesn't rally matter.


          The question really isn't relevant to Flex and you'll probably get people with more experience of this on Flash forums.