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    [JS] Synchronizing cross reference formats

    Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Hi, all!


      Is there a way to set synchronize cross reference formats for a book?


      synchronizeCrossReferenceFormat = true;


      obviously does not work:


      with (app.activeBook){
          synchronizeBulletNumberingList = true; 
          synchronizeCellStyle = true; 
          synchronizeCharacterStyle = true; 
          synchronizeConditionalText = true; 
          synchronizeMasterPage = true; 
          synchronizeObjectStyle = true; 
          synchronizeParagraphStyle = true; 
          synchronizeSwatch = true; 
          synchronizeTableOfContentStyle = true; 
          synchronizeTableStyle = true; 
          synchronizeTextVariable = true; 
          synchronizeTrapStyle = true;
          //Property not available, but I tried to set it anyway:
          synchronizeCrossReferenceFormat = true;


      Also see screenshot (from the German version of InDesign CS4):



      It seems there is a "hole" in the properties set of "book",



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          Peter Kahrel Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          You're quite right, it looks as if they forgot to add that property. The work-around is to load each document and use myDoc.importFormat (File (stylesource)) to read the cross-reference formats from the style-source document.


          When you see a method name such as "importFormat()" you immediately think of cross-references, don't you?