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    CSS driving me mad!!

    Shaneob78 Level 1

      Why o why did DW make everything so CSS dependent?

      Its driving me nuts. Right, rant over with now to the problem(s).


      People keep telling me its better to have a tableless page and use DIVs instead.


      I have a main DIV (940px wide) to hold all the content in the bottom half of the page.

      I want to basically have 3 columns of text and images similar to this page design:



      So I try to insert 3x Div's (250px wide each) into the main DIV.

      I could do 2 no problem, but when it comes to the 3rd, it dumps it below the other 2 and not in line with them. Why?

      I calculated the margins right to position all 3 evenly apart and next to eachother.


      Hope someone can help before my mac meets the wall at high speed!!


      Thanks in advance