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    border styles, cross browser...also, IE8?

    r_tist Level 1



      I created a border style and assigned to a Flash container. When I preview the site in FF, the border is appearing as black, vs. my custom hex color.

      Also, in Safari the border does not appear at all. Why isn't this being supported, or is there something I'm missing? Anyone familiar with this issue? Does it only occur if the border is wrapping a Flash container?


      Lastly, I have a 2 col layout, divs w/ CSS. In IE8, the content within the two columns is not up near the top of the page. It is very odd - you have to scroll down the page to get to the main content. Why do these push down like that? It's a big white space, and then...content - which is incorrect. Has anyone experienced this issue with IE 8? What's the work around if so?