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    OnLocation CS3 MPEG files in PP CS3: crash

    Matt Petersen Level 3

      I could have sworn I have come across this problem in the forum before but a search hasn't turned up the answer (or the question!).


      I shot some studio stuff today straight into OnLocation CS3 from an XLH1 set on HDV. One clip was about a minute, the two other clips about 50-55 (as I was shooting tape as a backup). I ejected the clips from OL and imported them into PP CS3 as normal. All conformed OK.


      Opening the short clip in the source monitor presents no problems.


      Attempting to open one of the bigger clips in the source monitor causes PP to crash, with the "I have crashed" box informing me that the file IPPMPEGENCODER.DLL is the culprit.


      Anyone come across this before? Both apps fully up to date. No major drama as I have the tapes, but I would like to use the captured clips if I can!




      Matthew P

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          Matt Petersen Level 3

          Just for the sake of tying this one up, Phil over at the Cow had the answer to this one.


          Apparently when using OnLocation to record to an external hard drive, sometimes the write speed is unable to keep up with the data being dished up by OL in HDV (MPEG) mode, and early frames are dropped. You don't actually see the issue till you look at the file in AE and the corruption is evident in the "green checkerboard" effect in the opening frames.


          Phil's solution is to render out the footage from AE to MPEG2 Blu Ray, making the files openable in PP.


          Thanks Phil.


          Matthew P