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    Adobe Software Unstable

    tallscot Level 1

      I've been using Adobe software since the late 80s and I'm very disappointed with the stability of CS4 - specifically Illustrator and Flash. I've been using these two applications around 40 hours a week for the last few months and Illustrator crashes on me at least once or twice a day and Flash crashes maybe three or four times a day.


      I just lost one hour of work in Illustrator and have to redo it because it crashed when I changed the font of some text. I'm now having to work like I did in Mac OS 9 where I have to save every few minutes because I don't know when the thing is going to crash on me.


      I'm using OS X 10.6.2. The OS is very stable and hasn't crashed on me in months, but Adobe's applications crash regularly. Photoshop seems stable, though, but my use of it is pretty light.