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    Fonts Not Available in Photoshop CS3 (Windows 7)?




      My desktop computer crashed yesterday and I had to run out last night and pick up a new unit as I'm trying to meet a number of deadlines (and not having much luck getting the work done in my laptop).


      The new computer uses Windows 7 as the Operating System.  It has already presented a ton of headaches... I've already spent in excess of ten hours trying to reinstall hardware and dealing with the various quirks that arise.


      The latest of these issues is that I cannot seem to access some fonts from Photoshop CS3.  I'm having the same issue, to a lesser extent, in Illustrator 10.


      For instance, after downloading the Helvetica and Helvetica Neue families in Windows 7, they do not appear in the Type menu in Photoshop.  There are a ton of useless pre-installed fonts there, but not the ones I installed.  If I try to access them from Illustrator, it displays only one weight of each typeface (for instance, it displays Helvetica Neue 65 but omits 55, 75, 95, etc....).


      The issue does not occur for all fonts.  For instance, I installed AvantGarde and it displays just fine.  In that instance, the fonts were TrueType whereas the Helvetica font files are Type 1 font files.


      Can anyone help?  I've already lost a day-and-a-half of work, and can't afford to spend much more time screwing around with this nonsense.