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    Website layout problems with "resizeTo"


      Hi all,


      I have a very simple website that was built in Dreamweaver some years back...the site uses a "self.resizeTo(950,800)" command to (attempt to) force the browser windows to a fixed size....however on some browsers (especially with high resolution monitors) "resizeTo" function does not seem to work and the website layout is all goofy as the images on the site move spread out.


      This can also be re-created the window is expanded on a high res monitor (even if the browser window does resize due to the resiseTo command).


      Can somebody please offer any advice on how to overcome this?  Somehow I need to "lock" all of the artwork on the site so it stays in place regardless of the browser window size.


      I know VERY little about HTML, so the more simple solution the better

      website is here....please help and thanks in advance.