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    Trouble with Nested Templates

    igendreau2 Level 1

      I have looked through a bunch of nested template tutorials, but I cleary do not understand how to use them in the simplest situation. lol


      Here is what I am trying to do.  I have a base template with 3 editable regions: A photo area at the top, a left menu area and a main content section.  I want to create a series of templates one tier down.  For instance a "Services" template.  Templates at this tier will only be editable in the main content section.  If I change the main template, all my sub-templates will inherit changes I want to be global, like the top menu or background graphics.  But then for services, I could open my Services template, change the main photo, change the left menu and then any service page I design from there will inherit the left menu and picture from my services template.


      What I'm trying to accomplish is a main template for the whole site, then a series of templates like "Products", "About Us", "Services", etc... so that any page beneath those will inherit the left menu and main pic, but I can still make a change to the top menu in the main template, have it effect every sub-template and in turn every page of the site.


      What I did was create my main template with 3 editable regions.  Then created another template, clicked Make Nested Template. In my main content editable region I inserted an editable region, giving me the lovely yellow nested template indication.  So I create a new page from template, choose my services template and voila... all three editable regions from my main template are editable, which is definitely not what I'm shooting for.  When creating from the services template I want the left menu fixed, the picture fixed, and only the main content editable.


      Can someone explain how I'd do that in nested templates?  Clearly I don't understand them. lol  thanks!