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    MediaPlayer and seeking

    jcastelain Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have my Flex application that contains a MediaPlayerWrapper instance on  the stage, that displays a ParallelElement containing two VideoElements (wow that was long), is there a method or a property in the MediaPlayer class that allows me to know to where I can seek?


      I saw the MediaPlayer.canSeekTo, MediaPlayer.canSeek and MediaPlayer.seek methods but what I'd like to do is something like this :


      1 - create my media elements and assign that to the MediaPlayer's media property


      2- untill the videos have been completely loaded, call a Method that would return the "time" to where I can seek for example (in pseudo code)

          function getSeekTime(){
              return "the time at which my media player can seekTo;


      I don't know if this is possible  at all, but it would be really useful


      Thanks for your help ,


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          bringrags Level 4

          The only case where you can't seek to the end is progressive playback (I assume that's what you're using), in which case your maximum seek point is a function of how much data you've downloaded, which MediaPlayer exposes via the bytesLoaded property.  So you could probably do some simple math to find that point:


          function getMaxSeekTime():Number


              var percentLoaded:Number = mediaPlayer.bytesLoaded / mediaPlayer.bytesTotal;

              return mediaPlayer.duration * percentLoaded;


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            jcastelain Level 1

            Hi Bryan,

            Once again, thanks for the explanation, that's exactly what I wanted to do