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    Multipoint Tracking Question

    teetzer Level 1



      I want to multipoint track an object, in my footage, to keep the footage locked on an object
      throughout the clip


      The small footage is of a motocross motorcycle hitting a ramp, launching, and landing.


      I want to keep the motorcycle completely horizontal throughout the clip, using two track
      points, for example, one point right above the front wheel, and another point right above
      the back wheel.


      I know how to do this, Ive done it before in the past, but, it was with better, more trackable footage.


      I am also aware that the entire video will spin around the "locked" object, I actually want this effect.


      But this time, my footage is less than perfect, and I cannot get a solid track.

      So, my question to the forum is this:


      Is there a way to use my, "less than perfect" footage as the base layer, then, add another
      layer, transparent, on top of the motorcycle footage, and use this transparent layer to add tracking dots, to painstakingly move the dots manually frame by frame, and then, use those dots for the tracker to track, and use the resultant track, and apply the resultant track back to my motorcycle footage?


      That way, I would have the perfect track, (...as I need it).


      If this is possible,


      1. What type of layer would I use as the, "transparent" layer?
      2. How would I take the resultant track, and apply it back to my initial motorcycle footage?


      Thank You

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The first thing to try when you get a bad track is to increase the size of the tracked object.


          Your idea of manually setting up points would be just the same as adjusting the track manually one frame at a time in tracker. There are a bunch of tutorials out there on how to use the tracker. Just try a google search or go over to Adobe TV. Can't add a link. I'm on my iPhone.