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    Takes 2 clicks to see in IE7+

    Thumbslinger Level 1

      All Flash is playing fine except now in IE7 +, when someone clicks on the Portfolio link, the preloader comes up but it doesn't advance to the 2nd frame with the content.


      However, if you click the Portfolio button again, it works fully.


      No issues on a Mac anywhere and no issues with Firefox in Windows.


      All content is in Flash and there are a couple of other movies that load as well but I've no idea where to start looking to fix this 'two-click' issue.


      It's set for Flash player 9 with AS2.0 and I used DWCS4 to insert.


      Here is the link:


      Thanks for any insight

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          waterdad568 Level 3

          It seems to render fine in FF and Saf, and actually does in IE also, however there is an undefined swfObject error on line 45 of your actionscript, start there.

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            That must be in the html as there isn't a line 45 in the actionscript..plus, unless you busted it with a swf cracker (totally fine, I do that myself!) and it was reading mc acitons as well.


            That error that comes up as "Errors on the page" in the status bar (if that is what you're referring to) always seems to happen when I use any method in DWCS4 to place flash. I know Adobe incorporated swfObject but they also altered it slightly and now it adds some javascript towards the bottom of the page and I'm wondering if that is causing something on my machine locally.?/....


            Thanks for taking a look. Others are seeing it fine as well so it's possible it's a local problem of mine somewhere.

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              waterdad568 Level 3

              Have you checked your flash global settings, firewalls, and browser settings to make sure flash, and active x is allowed to run locally?