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    Bugs With Snippets


      Hello, I just started using snippets in RH7 and have found several irritating problems with them that I hope there are some solutions for.


      Snippets are lost from project:

      Fairly frequently, after launching RH, my snippets will not be displayed in the Snippet pod and are not displayed in design view where the place holders have been used in a page. I correct this by simply re-importing them. It's not that bad, but irritating.


      Bullets do not render correctly in Desing mode:

      A bullet snippet, like that described below, does not appear correctly in design mode, although it does render correctly when gererated. Bullet is at lower end of paragraph and right up against text instead of a top of paragraph with an indention between bullet and text. This is pretty minor, but again, irittating..


      Non-breaking spaces are added after placeholder:

      Another, more severe, problem is that non-breaking space html entities ( ) are added after the placeholder tag, which adds an extra line beneath the bullet text. I have noticed this with bullet point snippets. This happens everytime I switch between HTML and Design views, and sometimes at random (at least I haven't observed a pattern yet) while in design mode.


      As an example,


      I have a snippet that is a bullet point like this (code from the snippet .hts file):

      <p class=Bullets><span style="font-weight: bold;">Entities</span> To limit
      the report to a specific entity, select the entity from the drop-down
      list. Alternatively, you can limit by Store Groups (defined under <a href="Setup/Enterprise_Definitions.htm">Enterprise
      Definitions</a>). Leave blank to include all.</p>


      When I insert it in my page, it looks something like this:


          <li class=p-Bullets>
          <placeholder id="snippet_Entities">


      I then delete the non-breaking space in design, and it looks like this, which displays as I want it when generated:

          <li class=p-Bullets>
          <placeholder id="snippet_Entities">


      Then, if I switch between Design and HTML modes it goes back this:

          <li class=p-Bullets>
          <placeholder id="snippet_Entities">



      To make this worse, I can't seem to do a find a replace to get rid of the non-breaking space entity.


      If you have any suggestions on how I might fix or work around this problem, please let me know.