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    Loading external SWF's

    tvn studios

      Hey geniuses.


      I'm sure many of you have seen the pageflip aspect of Flash.  If not, it's basically like a book animation, that turns really nicely to go to different pages within the book.

      I have a portfolio site I'm creating.  There's three external SWF's, because there are three different "books" if you will.

      The main Flash file will consist of three buttons, when clicked on button 1, it would bring the first SWF up, when clicking button 2, the same thing, and so on and so forth.  This is all pretty easy, the problem I'm getting is...The swf's seem to unload when the others one are loaded, so it takes a long time for them to come up again if you go to a different book.  How Do I keep the from unloading?  Also, since I have a little intro, how can I load the SWF's while that intro is playing?

      And I would love a little advice on stacking them, meaning...they seem to lay over one and other incorrectly.


      I'm so grateful for any advice.