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    Screen captures lack clarity


      I'm developing WebHelp Pro using RoboHelp 8 HTML on Windows XP. I'm documenting a Web application.


      I've used the procedure described by Kevin Siegel in "Essentials of Adobe RoboHelp 8 HTML" for capturing screens. Basically, I've used RoboScreen Capture and then copied and pasted what I've captured into the help topic. The captures look clear in RoboScreen Capture, but once I paste them into the topic, there's fuzziness around all the print in the capture (field names, drop-down lists, etc.). I also tried using SnagIt to capture them but got the same result when pasting them into a topic. They look as fuzzy when printed as they do when viewed in the help.


      Is my pasting the problem? Should I be using Insert to put in screen captures?