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    Not Sure Where To Start (Dreamweaver/Flash)


      I need to update my website and was planning on making the majority of it Flash.  But I see that Dreamweaver is supposed to be what I build the foundation of the site with.


      I am new to the CS4 Suite (Design Premium) and know enough to maintain the site I inherited but haven't ever started from scratch.  In the past I've normally coded the sites by hand but have gotten my self up to speed on Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash enough to do what I need to do with the current site but I need to know more.  Like creating CSSs.


      So I guess where I'm going with this post is that I have a few questions that might need to be broken out into different posts:


      1) a) If my main page is going to be Flash intensive do I start in Dreamweaver or Flash and how do I incorporate that into Dreamweaver?

                b) In Dreamweaver is there a way to code the new site to autosize based on screen resolution?  Is there a technical term for this?


      2) What are some good non-beginner resources where a beginner can jump in head first and not drown?


      For example, when I first had to teach myself Flash to update my website I bought a few books, Adobe Flash CS4 Professional - "Classroom In A Book", Adobe Press; Flash CS4 - The Missing Manual, O'Reilly; and Learning Action Script 3.0, O'Reilly, but none of them seemed to have what I needed to just jump in and do what I needed to do.  There was some good info but I mainly had to just start playing with Flash to accomplish what I needed to do.


      Is that what would be recommended with Dreamweaver?  I actually have a book from Adobe Press, "HOW-TOs - 100 Essential Techniques".


      Any other recommendations?


      Thanks for any assistance and thanks for putting up with this post that jumps all over the place.