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    CS3 To CS4 transparency problems

    AIM Video Station

      Has anyone seen problems with opening a CS3 project in CS4? I am having issues with text overlay, sections of the video with text are not transparent while other portions with other overlays are!?!?


      - The weird thing is if I click on the titler in the video, the preview window come up with the text on a black background.

      - I then change one of the properties slightly (opacity from 100 to 99 then back to 100) and it show the video then. I can even scrub it and the preview shows it.

      - Then I go to render it and I am back to where I started with a black background.


      BTW - I was on India tech support for over 35 minutes (after getting hung up 2 times a day for 3 days) yesterday trying to explain the same thing, they even shared my desktop. They told me to try exporting the project in AVI from the media encoder??? I hung up on them. They may speak english but I dont think they understood what I was saying. Didnt we have tech support in the states at one time? I stopped flying United because of that...I now fly American. If I am spending my money on a product with a name such as Adobe I would expect service in a timely and efficient manner. You guys in Corporate better get your act together, you may save some coin now but it will come back and haunt you. Sorry for the venting...I wasted close to 30 wrk hours trying to get this resolved.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          There nay be some truth in the common wisdom, that says to finish you project in version you created it.


          Some suggestions... and answer at least the 16 questions at the end of the Wiki article.

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            AIM Video Station Level 1

            The timline details are as follows (2;58;08 Duration)


            Video Track 1 are two seperate videos joined with a Cross Dissolve Transition

            Video Track 2 is a Sequence that is a transparent video lower third.

            Video Track 3 are text placed on top of the lower third (Created with the Titler)

            Video Track 4 is a video transition at the beginning and end of the video place over the lower third introducing the text from Track 3

            Video Track 5 is logo from Photoshop CS3 placed at the top right of the video (this logo is a seperate sequence)

            Video Track 6 is the same as track 5, another type of logo.


            I attached a screen shot of the main sequence.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              With the exception of your one Video Track with the Lower-third Transition (I apply those to the Title Tracks, as is needed), I do things pretty much as you are.


              Now, I am not transferring from CS3 to CS4, so other than saying, "hey, I do it that way too," it's not much help.


              Most users have few issues with CS3 Projects in CS4, but there have been a few. One question: how are you getting the CS3 Project into CS4? One can Open the Project, or Import the Project. Does one method make any difference at all?


              Just thinking there, good luck,



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                AIM Video Station Level 1

                I tried both ways and the same result...i have about 30 different sequences that I periodically place in other sequences and they all have the same type of layout. Some of them are totally fine...if I dont have a work around that means I will have to redo everything from scratch. I dont mind debugging, I just wish they had their support staff based out of North America. I dont think I will use Premier when the next upgrade takes place if the support stays overseas.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  I tried both ways and the same result..


                  Bummer. I was hoping that one way might get you by.


                  As for the T/S, I feel that the folk here are much sharper, than T/S is likely to be, regardless of the country of origin. Where T/S and C/S is more useful is with licensing and registration. Most of us have not encountered those issues.


                  I'll bet that someone will have a workaround for you. It's likely that some have already encountered similar, when CS4 was released. I'm just not one of those. Though I do very similar, I've never migrated any of my Projects to other versions - just taking others' Projects into my version.


                  Good luck,



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                    shooternz Level 6

                    Just something to check...


                    See if there are any stray Keyframes in your Opacity FX.


                    PPRO breaks all usual protocols of inserting keyframes when it comes to OPACITY FX


                    It automatically will place an Opacity  Keyframe wherever your CTI is as soon as you make an opacity adjustment ( even a trial one).


                    It has bitten me many times ! (and I thinks it weird logic)

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      Could be. I had forgotten about that. Definitely worth a long look. Now, there was also the Opacity issue in Transitions, but wasn't that in CS4.0 and 4.1 only, and fixed in CS4.2? I remember everyone adding the Keyframe for Opacity with Transitions. In PrE, similar occurred, in that 100% Opacity did funny things to Transitions, and people were having to add a 99% Opacity Keyframe to get Transitions to function (PrE 7, IIRC) properly.


                      You know, trying to keep up with programs and versions of those programs just makes blood shoot out of my eyes - what forum am I in???



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                        AIM Video Station Level 1

                        I thought the same thing...so I even toggled the FX on and off to see if there was any change and the same thing is occurring...if you look at the scrn shot of the timeline I noticed the video goes black at transition points. If I start to scrub from 0 and move forward, the video is fine until I hit the first transition on track 2, then it stays black until it gets to the transition on track 3, then the video goes black again when it hits the transition on track 2 again.


                        I think the project is corrupted...they are no stray keyframes.


                        I have already authored this project, it is a ongoing marketing video that is updated periodically. I have some time between releases I an just trying to limit the amount of work I need to do.

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                          AIM Video Station Level 1

                          I think I figured out the problem...the culprit seems to be the lower third sequence. This has an Alpha channel that was encoded with a older codec. I re-rendered it with the newer Matrox Mpeg I Frame HD codec from the latest Matrox Tools Build. I removed the old sequence and replaced it with this one and it seems to be working. The lower third was re-built with the newest Juicer from DJ, it was released 4 days ago...


                          This is the same format I am using for the project.


                          So it seemed to be something goofy with the Alpha Channel. I attached a pic of the compression used.


                          Thanks for all of your effort forum people.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            Great news. This is the very first time that I saw Matorx mentioned. Must have missed that above. Any way, glad that you got things sorted out.


                            Good luck,