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    CSS Positioning is a maddening thing...

    brightbelt Level 1


        I'm on DW CS4 on an intel iMac. I am working to clear out tables from my site one page at a time.  This is a duplicate page which I have not published (you'll see why). I thought this page would be simple start for positioning but I was wrong maybe.


      The Treble clef image and bass clef image should go on opposite sides at the top corners and they need some padding or a margin (or both), just so they don't touch the edge of the div. The History text should start at the top middle and go down the center.  So, I need a 3 column effect with each element (the treble clef image,  the history text, and the bass clef image) being the top of separate but adjacent  parallel columns.


      I played with padding for 30 mintues and couldn't affect a change. and I can't even get the cursor or anything to go into the #right column which I set up. I got the text somewhat centered by an accidental miracle and the treble clef image is in its general spot by sheer luck.


      I really appreciate  any help anyone could offer. Many Thanks, Frank B.